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  • Do you want to exponentially increase sales of your property?

  • Do you want to sell that dream interior space?

  • Do you want to give your clients an immersive experience that will seal  the deal?

You’re in the right place...

Lets partner with you to get your vision to rise above a highly competitive industry.

We are a 3D visualization firm that help our clients improve the success rate of their projects through our 3D Services which include Virtual reality solutions, Interactive Walk-throughs, 360 degree Panoramas and 3d Walk-through  animations.


Have a look at some of our Projects Showcasing the power of Virtual Reality and Interactive Walk-throughs


Amora Residence

Take your Walkthroughs a step further. Control what you want to see, when you want to see it. Interact with furniture and materials seeing how changes affect your design, all in real time.

Interactive Walkthrough

This can be played or viewed on a PC or Laptop as a standalone file without any prior installation of any software, making it very convenient for distribution.

Experience your space or design as if you are actually there.

With the room scale technology, you will have the full immersive experience.

Explore every inch and of your design seeing how lighting, materials and sound 


Amora Residence

All this is made possible with the use of  the "Oculus Rift", a Virtual Reality Head Set with controllers and sensors which gives the user a great immersive experience

Virtual Reality

Seeing is Believing, Experiencing is better...

Download the Amora Residence Project and enjoy a full immersive experience. 

Minimum PC Specs 
Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 750
CPU  Intel i3
Memory 8 GB+ RAM

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